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WordPress Developer Blog is now available in beta

  • The WordPress announced the launch of the Developer Blog in beta and the team behind the project is looking for the community to contribute to the project.
  • Some of the content the developer blog will focus on are; updates applicable to theme and plugin creators, developers working in agencies, advanced programming concepts, PHP gems, and developer case studies.
  • The Developer Blog beta is now public. Anyone interested in contributing can post ideas, write articles, or join the editorial team that reviews articles.

The WordPress team has announced that they will soon be launching a blog for developers. The beta developer blog went public over the weekend for community feedback.

A hub for the WordPress extender community

The Developer Blog was one of the goals of the WordPress project for 2022. The goal is to create a developer-focused site. Since the beginning of this year, contributors have been working to make such a site a reality. The WordPress team announced the beta version and gave some information on how it works. The team explained the blog as;

“It’s a bit of each of those things and more. In a way, it’s a hub for the WordPress plugin community, a place where those who like to tinker with the workings of the platform can share and learn from each other. »

The developer blog resides on a subdomain of the main site. It is displayed with a design similar to the general WordPress news blog. The new developer blog will focus primarily on updates applicable to theme and plugin creators, agency-based developers, Gutenberg APIs updates, advanced programming concepts, PHP gems and developer case studies.

However, the WordPress team says nothing is necessarily set in stone right now. And it will work in a real open-source way. The blog will change based on the needs of the community as they learn more and create more content. It is expected to be something that evolves over time. Some initial content types may include:

  • New features coming to WordPress
  • Guides on best practices and techniques
  • Tutorials covering specific use cases
  • Broader concepts that guide WordPress development

The editorial process of the blog is entirely hosted via GitHub from pitch to publication. Anyone interested in contributing can post on the Idea board to discuss. People can contribute by posting ideas, writing articles, or joining the editorial team that reviews articles. Approved ideas and drafts will go through two reviews. As the beta is now public, the blog team is looking for feedback from the WordPress developer community.

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