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WordPress.com returns to previous pricing model

  • WordPress.com changed its pricing plans a few months ago and the changes have been met with strong backlash from users.
  • WordPress.com has now decided to roll back all the changes they have tried over the past few months.
  • Free, personal, premium, business and e-commerce plans are now available for users.

WordPress.com announced that they changed their pricing plans a few months ago. These plans did not allow users to pay monthly and reduced its free plan storage from 3GB to 500MB. Most users found the new plans too complicated and confusing and said they were frustrated with the sudden change . The company has made some changes to meet user expectations.

Back to previous model

In April, the company announced that the Free plan’s storage limit had been increased to 1GB, which was even lower than the previous plan. The Pro plan traffic limit has also been increased from 10,000 visits to 100,000 limits. However, these changes did not change the negative customer feedback and the plans between the Free plan and the Pro plan proved to be restrictive for many users, as the $4 per month and $8 per month plans were completely removed.

Then in May, the company announced the launch of a new managed WordPress hosting plan for $5 per month. The new plan came with unlimited traffic. The plan’s storage limit was 6GB, and it allowed website owners to accept tips and donations, the ability to sell one-time, monthly, or yearly premium content, accept payments, and set up subscriptions. with Stripe.

WordPress.com Returns to Previous Pricing Model 2

The company now has announcement that they return to the previous model. WordPress.com brings back the Personal, Premium, Business, and eCommerce plans in addition to the free plan. After many customers announced their intention to seek a new supplier, the company said that it decided to change its plans after experimenting with these plans. However, after extremely negative feedback, the company admits that the new plans did not suit its users. The company said,

“Our philosophy has always been to experiment, learn and adjust. When we started rolling out our new pricing plans a few months ago, we took note of the feedback you shared. What we heard is that some of you missed the more granular flexibility of our previous plans. Also, the features you needed and the prices of the new plans weren’t always right for you. It led us to a decision that we believe is the right decision. »

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