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Wix implements Google’s URL Inspection API

  • Wix became the first CMS to implement Google’s new URL inspection APIs in his Site inspection tool, allowing users to inspect their SEO status.
  • The upgraded Site Inspection tool is rolling out for English and will roll out gradually for other supported languages.
  • The updated tool will notify users about how many of your pages Google has indexed or excluded from its index, allowing them to change anything if necessary.

Wix users will be able to benefit from Google’s new URL Inspection API, which is now implemented in Wix’s Site Inspection Tool, allowing users to easily examine their entire website. With the upgraded tool, users can access an overview of their website’s status from their dashboard. The tool also offers modifications to improve the SEO results of the website.

Inspect all URLs at once

The Site Inspection Tool is currently available in English and will gradually be rolled out to supported languages. Wix is ​​the first CMS to offer a tool based on Google’s new API. Wix users can start inspecting all URLs on their website by simply clicking the Inspect Site button.

The site inspection tool is organized to show:

  • The proportion of your pages that Google has indexed and excluded
  • The most common status details associated with your pages
  • An overview of your site’s usability on mobile devices
  • Index status, status details, mobile usability, and rich result eligibility for each of your URLs

Nati Elimelech, SEO Manager at Wix, announced the new features with the following tweet:

New tool indexing statuses include:

  • Valid: The page is indexed and may appear in search results. (This does not guarantee that it will appear in search results.)
  • Warning: Google may or may not have indexed this page based on its specific warning status. This means that the page may not appear in search results.
  • Invalid: Google has not indexed this page due to an error.
  • Excluded: Google crawled this page, but decided not to index it.
  • Unspecified: Google currently has no information for this page.

The company said,

“For years, Google has provided this information through Search Console, its search traffic and performance measurement platform. To make this information and tools more accessible to all business owners and SEO professionals, Wix now offers an accessible way to monitor and understand your site’s issues and indexing status at scale.

The Wix Site Inspection tool lets you keep tabs on your site’s technical health, mobile usability, rich results eligibility, and more, without having to manually pull data or leave the dashboard. Wix. »

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