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Wix Announces Edit Per Page Feature for SEO

  • Wix has released a new feature named Edit by Page to allow its users to edit, view and update in one place, the Wix Dashboard.
  • The New Wix Edit Per Page The tool allows site owners to review, monitor, and edit meta tags, URL slug, indexability, and more. of their pages.
  • The new setting displays a summary of default settings and configurations for different pages within a single table.

WordPress alternative, Wix has released a new Edit per page feature that allows users to review and edit meta tags for each page, as well as URL slugs, indexability, open chart tags SEO tools, and more, all from one place in the Wix dashboard.

SEO editing will be easier, faster and smarter

The new feature is currently available for main pages and product pages and with more pages to come. It allows users to make adjustments to important aspects of their SEO effectively and efficiently. SEO Settings on Edit Per Page shows an overview of default settings and configurations for multiple pages, all in a single table. And many aspects can be viewed and updated quickly and easily. It will definitely help users to make more effective decisions and improve their SEO.

The Edit Per Page Feature in the Wix Dashboard
The Edit Per Page Feature in the Wix Dashboard

The new SEO tools appear on the right side of the dashboard when an edit page is selected. This dashboard includes editable fields for SEO settings, with tabs for SEO basics, social sharing, and advanced settings. Previously, it was only accessible to the Wix editor. Now it allows users to make and save changes without having to open the editor.

Wix says it will release this feature to all page types soon and add even more features like bulk editing. Wix has other SEO tools such as Site Inspection and Semrush integration. The company is focusing on tools to help its users work on a platform with more open and flexible customization options.

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