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ICANN Announced Ranking of .com Registrars

  • ICANN has released the .com Registrar Ranking results for April 2022 according to official data shared by Verisign.
  • According to the list, GoDaddy is still the most popular .com registrar for new and total .com domain name registrations.
  • The total number of .com registrations under GoDaddy’s management is almost equal to the combination of the other 9 companies on the list.

ICANN has released the latest ranking of .com registrars based on official data announced by Verisign for the .com namespace. The report covers April 2022. The report covers April 2022. The report shows a decrease in new registrations, especially in China.

April 2022

In the list, GoDaddy is by far the most popular .com registrar, both for new registrations and for total number of registrations. GoDaddy’s total number of .com registrations roughly equals the total of all other companies’ registrations. Additionally, Namecheap, Newfold Digital and Google respectively became second, third and fourth in the new .com registration list. The list includes records of company subsidiaries.

New .com registrations in April

  1. GoDaddy.com: 738 766
  2. Namecheap Inc.: 257,886
  3. Digital newfold: 210 016
  4. Google Inc.: 176 254
  5. TurnCommerce: 155,876
  6. Dynadot: 133,936
  7. Tips: 130,385
  8. NameSilo: 85,603
  9. GMOs: 78,438
  10. Wix: 76,392

Total .com listings under management at the end of April

  1. Come on dad: 56,474,075
  2. Digital newfold: 13,321,450
  3. Tips: 11,933,674
  4. Namecheap: 8,381,288
  5. Ali Baba : 6,144,343
  6. TurnCommerce: 5,865,262
  7. IONOS: 5,601,368
  8. Google: 5,418,008
  9. CentralNic: 3,481,983
  10. NameSilo: 2,749,000

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