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HostBill introduces new billing options

  • The latest from HostBill The release comes with new billing features, domain renewal window functionality, new coupon options, and more.
  • A new feature allows users to allow their customers to perform upgrades and choose which products users want to offer as an upgrade from the selected packages.
  • The latest version also introduces a new type of discount, flavor couponwhich applies to products or services with billing per flavor.

The latest version of HostBill comes with various new features. A new feature allows HostBill users to allow their customers to upgrade and choose products that will be offered as upgrades to selected packages. By enabling prorated billing for the product or service, users can define how HostBill calculates charges when customers upgrade or downgrade, based on time remaining. It also activates pro-rated queue charges, when charges activated for prepaid services will be added to the bill queue, otherwise, they will be charged immediately.

Domain renewal feature and coupon options

Another new feature of domain automation allows users to set a domain renewal window, which is a certain number of days before expiration. It marks the start date of the domain renewal window for manually submitted orders. Users can use this option to disable manual renewal until a certain time before the domain expires. It can be set to zero to disable the renewal window. In the new version, modifying the IP tag of the domain forces the synchronization of the domain for the detection of “transfers out”.

HostBill has also introduced a new type of discount, named flavor coupon, which applies to products and services with flavor billing. Accounts with a flavor coupon will be eligible for the discount that will be applied when generating the invoice for a service using flavors. Another new coupons feature also allows users to attach an existing coupon to account details for admin information. By clicking the More Action button in the account details and choosing Set Discount, users can add the discount which will be visible in the Billing section of the account.

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