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GoDaddy has announced new updates for Afternic 2.0

  • With a new feature launched by Afternic, users can verify their ownership with a TXT record or a third name server.
  • Afternic now also allows users to change how they choose which domain landers their domains point to.
  • The Bulk Lander update allows users to paste up to 1,000 domain names to edit their landing page.

Afternic, a subsidiary of GoDaddy, announced that the company has released several updates. Now users can update the new Sales Lander settings in their Afternic Portfolio dashboard to switch between Request Price, Buy it Now (BIN), and Cashparking landing pages. The Afternic team populated the landing page preferences based on the users’ nameserver settings. This will be reflected in the user’s Afternic account under a new column named “Sales Lander”.

Bulk Lander Updates

Another new feature helps sellers with larger portfolios switch between Afternic landing pages. It is beneficial for users looking to test specific landing pages for specific domain names within your portfolio. With these changes, the team aims to move away from reliance on name servers, as a way to switch between Afternic landing pages is designed to improve the experience of sellers managing their domain listings at Afternic. . All new domains pointing to Afternic nameservers will be directed to the RFQ landing page by default.

Here is the recommended flow for adding domain names to Afternic in the future:

  1. Set your domain name to ns1.afternic.com and ns2.afternic.com
  2. Add your domain name to your Afternic account
  3. By default, your domain name will display the Price Request home page
  4. If you wish to change the landing page that is displayed, this will be done through your Afternic Wallet Dashboard
  5. Any changes to your Afternic landing page selection will, going forward, be made from your Afternic Portfolio Dashboard

Property Verification

Automated ownership verification replaces the old Afternic customer service-led verification using nameserver and TXT methods that provide a faster, independent method for deleting outdated listings. Users who add a domain name to their portfolio that is already listed on Afternic will face the ownership verification process.

The workflow for adding a domain name to the platform has been overhauled, integrating it into the Afternic 2.0 ecosystem. Users can add up to 50 domain names at a time with an option to upload domain names in bulk. When adding domain names with on-screen typing, users will be presented with another redesigned screen, allowing them to include prices for their domain names.

Once the user clicks on the Verify Domain button, a pop-up window with two domain verification methods will appear, allowing users to choose between TXT or Nameserver. Both options require a simple addition to the user’s domain name records, which can be done through the user’s domain name registrar.

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