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DreamHost Outage Continues – Cloud7 News

  • DreamHost is still experiencing technical issues, called degraded performance, in one of its shared web hosting servers.
  • The incident was first reported on July 24 and is still affecting users, causing websites to crash or be taken down altogether.
  • After about 10 days, the company admitted that restoring the server took longer than expected due to multiple technical factors.

DreamHost is experiencing one of the longest technical issues a web hosting company has ever had. The incident, dubbed “degraded performance”, has affected the company’s shared web hosting customer for 10 days now. The outage was originally reported on July 24.

Degraded performance

Several users tweeted about the incident, claiming that their websites were down for ten days, significantly reducing their SEO results. Some users said their websites were taken down entirely. According to the company’s status page, the cause of the issue has been identified and teams began working on it on July 28.

In the latest update, released on August 2, the company claimed that it was still restoring the server and that approximately half of the server’s users’ websites had been restored. The company is still working on the issue to improve performance and adjust server configurations. In the latest update, the company said,

“A quick update on the ongoing restore of iad1-shared-d12-02: approximately half of the users on the server have been restored and most sites should load as before. To further improve performance, we have also made some adjustments to the server configuration. We continue to monitor server performance and our technical operations team is still working diligently to fully restore all affected data as quickly as possible. »

The company also said that now all customer data is online and available. The company also admits that restoring on the back-end took longer than expected due to various technical factors. The company informed its customers by e-mail,

“The restoration process is still ongoing and is being closely monitored by our administrators. Content is loading from one of our backup machines, therefore, you may continue to experience degraded performance and intermittent errors while restoring data. »

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